Yoga Darshan Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati – English


Es gibt im Yoga zwei große Traditionen: die tantrische und die vedische Tradition. Obwohl sich die tantrische Tradition des Yoga mit unserem heutigen Lebensstil eher vereinbaren läßt, ist das yogische Weltbild der Veden und Upanishaden nicht weniger zutreffend. Die Veden enthalten das ursprüngliche, spirituelle, praktische, moralische, soziale und metaphysische Gedankengut großer Seher, die jeden Aspekt der Schöpfung als eine einzige Erscheinungsform des Göttlichen wahrgenommen haben. Diese Gedankensammlung wurde über Generationen hinweg von Heiligen und Weisen zusammengetragen.

There are two major traditions in yoga: the Tantric and the Vedic traditions. Although the Tantric tradition of yoga is more compatible with our contemporary lifestyle, the yogic worldview of the Vedas and Upanishads is no less applicable. The Vedas contain the original spiritual, practical, moral, social and metaphysical thought of great seers who perceived every aspect of creation as a single manifestation of the Divine. This collection of thoughts has been compiled over generations by saints and sages.

The Vedas are part of this collection. Many writers claim that the Vedas are books about Hinduism. This impression is not correct and needs an explanation, which is provided in this book.

Darshana means something that one has experienced and thus represents an aspect of reality that has been perceived by oneself. Darshana is therefore a collection of actually experienced thoughts that are true and real and not speculation or abstract ideas. There are many darshanas in the Vedic tradition, the most important of which are described in this book.


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